It was in the summer of ‘89 when I saw him the first time. I was visiting a girlfriend of mine and we were watching a music show on TV. At this time I didn’t have an own taste of music (I was 12) and was listening to the stuff that everyone was listening. And this was played in “Formel Eins”. So this chaotic video from a singer I never seen before. He sang with nurses and dashed away with a bedside. There isn’t much more left in my memory. But I still know, that my friend said to me: “Looks nice, this guy”.
I suppose I muttered an agreeing “Hmm”, though I didn’t care about “this guy” anyway. But for all that, something must had happen to me on this afternoon. Maybe I had looked into these blue eyes a bit too long.

It’s kind of strange, after all these years I’m married now - and you are free again. No, your marriage did never matter me, it changed nothing about the situation, you were unreachable for me, either way. Today I could maybe change that, but now I don’t want it any more.
Although I would really like to meet you. I finally want to know, how you really are, want to relate something to your picture what is real, and replace this mix of your roles, the media reports and my dreams.
Sometimes on my way to work I imagine you were sitting next to me, and I ponder on what about to talk with you. Sort of “invisible friend” for grown-ups.
How about music? There are some things that I always wanted to tell you. I think you have a wonderful voice, but you don’t make anything out of it. When I look at your musical creations this day it makes me really sad, because there is almost nothing among it, what I still can listen to. It is too schmaltzy, too soft, too uniform. And it also appears attached - pieces from a music factory. I miss the heart and soul of an own creation turning your inside out, longing for to say something.
I understand that you want to make money with your music, or maybe you are singing just for fun? But did you ever write a song? Words, that desperately wanted to come out of you?
Much of your songs are so replaceable, any superstar contestant could burn them on a disc at once - well, perhaps a bit trendier. But what does really belong to you?

Actually there is only one song from you that I really love until today: “These lovin’ eyes”



I can’t sleep, don’t wanna fight.
I can’t say good night tonight.
Sometimes you just sing songs that touch me deep,
sometimes you hurt me with your words without knowing.
But without you I can’t be me,
and I need you to believe!

                These lovin’ eyes see only you,
                love you for what you are inside.
                These lovin’ eyes will always be true.
                To know this heart of mine,
                just look into these lovin’ eyes.

You look so beautiful, smiling at me,
wish you could kiss away all my tears.
You mean so much to me, you changed my life,
wish you could always be with me every night
and hold me tenderly in your arms just like in my dreams.
The world holds me away,
but the feeling never fades.

I love only you,
believe me, I do!

                These lovin’ eyes see only you,
                love you for what you are inside.
                These lovin’ eyes will always be true.
                To know this heart of mine,
                just look into these lovin’ eyes.

                                                                             1994, November

There’s nothing left to append.

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