Actually I didn’t like to bring up this subject, but it was in my stories too (hadn’t realized I was drinking so much in my fantasy! Fortunately only in my fantasy), and I’m going on asking myself: Why does a man like you hit the bottle? One would imagine you have everything one could wish for, and in this situation there’s really no need to get rat-arsed. Or did your life run that far away from your imagination?
Why you? One knows you only with an always smiling face, your positive messages shaped my attitude to life - dreams come true - everything only facade?

Come lay your head upon my breast, she said,
come turn your worries into mine,
I want to hear it all,
so let your fortress fall and you‘ll be fine...

To tell the truth, I’d rather want to ignore this part of you, wish I’d never got to know it. Alas, thanks to the internet, your drinking problem is omnipresent and it is destroying the positive image I had from you - my childhood hero has fallen.
However, I must admit that I’m thinking different about it, since my family got to face it too.

Then she said:
when you‘re tired of all your sorrows,
just fire your guns and arrows
and nail me through my heart,
oh, this open heart.

That’s still another aspect that reinforces the impression that you weren’t really happy any more after the (short) role of your life. Are you feeling like not to be taken seriously? Indeed I can imagine that very well. There are so many people who gossip viciously about you and so less who really appreciate you. But you have to maintain your reputation.
Tell me: Did your dreams come true?


Told her all the things I‘d kept inside,
the things I wouldn‘t tell a soul,
she smiled and took my hand
with a look of understanding she eased it all

She gave herself up to me,
the first to touch her soul,
she cried and kissed my hand
with a look of understanding she eased it all...

(Midge Ure)

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