Driving home from work recently I had a very peculiar experience:
I’d just made a playlist of some of your songs and was listening to them on the ride. Sometimes I facepalmed and thought: ‘Oh my God!’ And then this was coming:
“I guess I‘ll never understand it...“
I turned the volume up.
“...a billion people on this planet...“
I saw you standing on the cliff. I turned up still more.
The road was broad, almost straight and - free! I floored the gas pedal.
“We‘re flying on the wings of tenderness...“
I raced through the dawn and grinned like a Cheshire cat from ear to ear. When the song was over I only thought:


This tearjerker of all songs made me get off that way? That was obviously a relapse. After 13 years! 13 years I thought I was cured of you. No, 13 years I didn’t even spend a thought on you! Except some rare moments when somewhere a picture from you appeared or your name was spoken. Then I winced innerly and blushed. At such moments I always had the feeling your name would forever be tattooed on my forehead, and everyone immediately could see what had been.
It’s time now to get over that. To see your musical reconciled me with your music, that was a great performance, respect! And my iPod-playlist gets longer and longer with every CD I buy (1 Euro at Ebay - nobody wants to have it any more), it’s already more than I expected.
Also I didn’t expect your voice making me so happy and somehow pleased once again. But maybe this is only a phase after this long “abstinence”...


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