Well, let’s listen to some music together, maybe in the car cruising through Los Angeles? Turn the volume up to the stop and let’s sing along with everything on the iPod! Perhaps you will show me around in the city, and especially on the beaches. And then when the sun goes down I would like to sit with you somewhere by the sea and silently watch the glow sinking.




Be my friend!

There I was standing now in San Fernando in front of a big brown gate which could had lead me to the man I loved. Could had!
Resolutely I pressed the bell button. “Yes?”, a not quite friendly voice reached me through the intercom, and my heart was in my boots.
Hesitantly I asked if I could come in for a short time and speak to him.
“No, I’m not to be spoken”, the answer came distantly.
“Please, wait...”
The intercom crackled and the connection was broken. It was a slap in the face for me.
‘Is that really you? Are you the man I love?’ My eyes stared disappointed at the speaker. I choked back my tears and went away. I went down to the beach. - The best place to be. - What did he say once: ‘Life is a beach. If you make it that way, keep running!’ But I couldn’t go on any longer. Only tears were still running. I was wondering, where they came from, because I felt so empty inside.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” a soft voice asked me. How long did I lie there? One hour? Two? I looked into his blue eyes.
“Someone ditched me very distantly”, I replied quietly. “Someone I need very much.” He didn’t seem to suspect himself to be that one. Gently he wiped my tears away and took me in his arms.
‘I love you’, I thought and the emptiness inside of me suddenly was full of feelings, love, tenderness, desire, passion...
‘Are you the same who sent me away just a few hours ago?’ I asked in my thoughts, but I didn’t need an answer. I only needed him.

We spent the rest of the day together, and had much fun. He invited me for dinner, then we strolled through the city. It turned to be a wonderful afternoon, and after we’ve been walking along the beach once again it finally ended in his garden.
We were sitting beside the pool and talking until it was dark. I said I had to go now. He found it too bad but accompanied me to the door. Almost arrived there he reached for my hand and pulled me onto him.
“Come”, he said gently and took me in his arms. “Why won’t you stay a bit longer?”
“Don’t make it worse”, I begged him.
“What?” he wanted to know. I felt the tears welling in my eyes again.
“Don’t ask!” Slowly I turned around and went away, he shouldn’t see me cry.
“Wait!” he shouted after me and I froze. The tears left salty traces on my skin and then I felt his hand on my shoulder. In this moment I turned to him abruptly and shouted:
“Why won’t you let me go? Why do you make it so hard for me? Do you think I can go from you that easily?”
Suddenly he seemed to understand. “Did you ring in the morning?”
I broke down in his arms. “I love you.”

His warmth did me so good. We were lying in the grass and the stars sparkled above. He had dried my tears and was holding me tight in his arms. His warm hand was gently caressing my face.
And then... then I felt his kiss, soft and tender...

Suddenly I startled up and stared into the darkness.
‘Were are you?’
Carefully I touched my lips, still tasting his kiss.
But were was he?
A dream?
Never I will feel his warmth. Never I will know how his kisses are tasting. Never I will feel his tender hands. His skin, I will never touch it, never stroke through his curls, never get his love, never... NEVER!


Some broken hearts never mend
Some memories never end
Some tears will never dry
My love for you will never die.




How would I like to spend a day with you doing something totally crazy. Can you teach me a one-eighty? (I’ve already made it once against my will, but that wasn’t that cool, as it always looks like in a movie.) Don’t you still have a black T-top standing somewhere with that we could speed through the terrain raising dust on the track? Would be really cool! If my memory serves me right, there was a time you had the greatest fun doing that. (Or was it always the stuntman?)


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