Every time I’m standing on a beach I have to think of you. Now we are almost one week in Calabria, it is January, the beaches are deserted. I could spend hours there sitting on a rock, nothing to hear but the smooth sound of the rushing sea, and California in my mind...

Wanna meet you at dawn on the beach




I had left Los Angeles about half an hour ago and was on my way home now. It was such a nice late summer day, so I decided to go to the beach once again. There I walked towards Santa Barbara. The road was quite a bit away from here, so except the rushing sea it was silent under the cliffs behind the beach.
I had already been walking for a while, when a black wall of clouds moved over from the western horizon. The thunderstorm came over me so suddenly that I had no time to turn back to the car. Fortunately I discovered an overhanging rock only a few meters away, where the cliffs formed an edge. It was looking like a little cove, and there I sat down and waited for the storm to go by.
After a few minutes I noticed, that I hadn’t been the only one who was surprised by the weather. A man came running from the north, and his moves... my heart was beating faster. The way he moved was so familiar to me! But this could be impossibly... no, he couldn’t be that! But the feeling in me would not disappear, and then he was near enough that I could recognize his face.

“Sorry, but this is the only place within five miles on the beach where you’re save from the rain”, he apologized while squeezing himself next to me under the rock. Still he was completely out of breath. “How did I ran to reach it! My car stands farther southward, and I‘m already wet through and through.“
“You don‘t have to apologize, it‘s okay“, I replied. “It‘s everyone‘s beach, isn‘t it?“
“Yes, you‘re right“, he laughed.
For a while we were looking silently into the dark sky that was flashed with lightning every few seconds.
“Have you ever seen a thunderstorm at night in the mountains?“, he asked me then.
“Yeah, once in the Alps. It was fascinating!“, I answered. Yes I was exalted by looking at the spooky lighted mountains. But it was much more exciting to sit here at the beach beside him.
Despite of the rain it was comfortably warm, and more comfortably was his nearness to me. He was looking at the agitated ocean, while I was looking at his handsome face. His wet curls glued on his forehead, but his skin was almost dry again. If it would feel as smooth as it looked like? Suddenly my hand raised by itself to his face. But scarcely I had touched his cheek I twitched back at once. Damn, what was I doing there?
For a moment he closed his eyes, then he turned to me. A smile played on his lips and he beheld me with a look that captivated me. I felt to be drowning in his blue eyes.
This moment appeared like an eternity to me, until he grasped me round my waist with his strong hands and lifted me on his lap, so I was sitting face to face with him. Then he took my hand and laid it on his cheek, leaned his head against the rock and closed his eyes. Gently I began to caress his face. I felt his smooth skin sliding under my fingers and already believed to be addicted to it. Tenderly I moved his wet curls away from his forehead and dried the drops they left on his skin. Then I ran my finger over his nose and a caring nudge on the tip of it, which he answered with a sweet grin. One moment later he sat upright to pull out his shirt and stuff it between his head and the rock. Leaning back again he closed his eyes and seemed to wait for further caresses. But my eyes were hanging on his naked chest.
I resisted to press my head against it, although I felt a fire burn up inside of me. Instead I laid both hands on his cheeks and also closed my eyes for a second to absorb his warmth. Then I let my hands wander over his face again. Gently I massaged his forehead and his cheeks down to his chin. From there my fingers got up again, ran along his hairline, traced his eyebrows and slid tenderly over his closed lids, until they came back close to his lips.
I stopped for a second, then slowly traced the outline of his pretty mouth. When I caressed this full, sensitive lips after all, they opened a bit and for the blink of an eye I felt his wet, velvety tip of the tongue.

A massive clap of thunder let us wince abruptly. Boulders were crashing into the water somewhere, maybe the lightning stroke farther south. I recognized my legs had gone to sleep, so I turned around on his lap. He pulled me onto his chest, I couldn’t restrain a sigh when he closed his naked arms around me. I felt so safe and secure in his warmth that I just fell asleep. The last thing I sensed was his hand now caressing my face.

It was evening when I woke up again. The thunder and rain had stopped and the sun broke through the dark clouds with the force of her last streams. On the horizon it colored the sky and the water in a deep glowing red.
I was still lying in his arms and a deep happiness covered me, but it soon disappeared again when I realized that we could go now.
“It‘s a wonderful view, isn‘t it?“, he said when he noticed that I had awoken.
“Mm”, I made before he continued:
“It stopped raining. I think we... can go now.“
But none of us stood up. Until I felt a silently upcoming pain. I got up quickly.
“I have to drive to Carmel.“
He also got up. “Now at night?”
“I‘ve just slept very well in your arms“, I replied and tried a grin. He was staring at the ground. I could not go without a kiss from him. Tenderly I took his face in my hands, got up on my tiptoes and gently pressed my lips against his ones. He didn’t return my little kiss but in his eyes I could see a surprised expression before I turned around.

His hand caught my arm slid down to mine and held me tight. With a beating heart I turned to him. For a while we were only looking at each other, then he pulled me heavily into his arms, we leeched on to each other like drowning. His lips were searching mine and found them for a deep, tender and long kiss.
“Stay with me tonight”, he asked me softly. I nod. “I love you.”


september morn
we danced until the night became a brand new day
two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play
september morning still can make me feel that way




In fact I almost had travelled to California one time. My boyfriend at that time and me had made concrete plans, and I did a summer job in his company for two times to get the money I needed. One week we wanted to cruise along the coast to the south and the other week relax on the beach near L.A. In secret I had hoped - but not really believed - to find you there. Regrettably it came to nothing with this trip, because my friend couldn’t take a holiday at the planned time.
Since then there was no thinking of going to the USA any more. The interest on America disappeared with the interest on you. Instead I travelled whole Europe with my husband, by car - because of the photographic equipment.
We’ve been to Sardinia, crossed the Pyrenees, have been in Ireland, Slovakia, Brittany. We canoed on the Ardèche and also on the lakes of Mecklenburg and Masuria. By car and with the post ship we travelled through Norway, we’ve been in the north of Spain and Portugal, and two times in Venice.
These trips always had been the highlight of our year, spending time together and picking up many impressions of the landscape and the culture cleared our mind and helped us rebuild for the new work session. Since our daughter is with us we had to cut down with travelling, but even with her we’ve been on tour, too.

Now I’m eager for being to California again. Also this desire woke up again, together with the memories of you. When I was a child I believed that California would be a fairy country ruled by a calif. Later I realized that it really existed, and since that moment I wanted to go there. Even more when I longed for you, always in my mind the hope to meet you there.


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